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History of Religion

Season 2 Episode 6

Why do we play the part of a loser and refrain from seeking what we can gain?
Why is thinking of the future more important than mourning the losses of the past?
 Before us, this world of yours looked very different we were limited to what we could see, we worshipped trees and stones, then how could anyone believe in an unseen GOD?

This is the final episode for our season. We conclude what is religion and how its driving us to perceive the world differently then other. 

S2 E6 


A palace of Illusions 

Bid farewell to what you know. What do you know? What is the word world? We live here. The evolution of existence, humans as we are, superior to everyone still bound by our sense of hearing, by sense of touch. We believe what we see. Generations passed with only the experience of shadows, more passed to perceive reflections. Light and the lies of colors. Magic wasn’t it? It possessed the power of day and night. Bound us to believe to call it a day,  sleep and eat accordingly. 


Well it’s the 3rd of january or maybe the 4th. Who Cares? Everyone(wisper)?


I feel like i Should introduce myself. This tall handsome looking gentleman speaking to you now is Karim Amir Ali. How are you doing, did you have water today?


(L)   *Doors open*  


Excuse me, could you close the door. 


(R)  *Sitting again on Seat* 


Guess what you do not have to watch. I realised even one o f our senses could do the trick. 

I like to think I’m speaking to everyone. And I really don’t know what to say. You kinda know who you are and what religion you follow but there’s much to that. This just doesn’t seem right. I shouldn’t do this any longer. 

— trailer –

We talked about religion and so many histories and stories. I’ve read many books, articles and papers just to confirm stories and learn more. By the end of it i believe it was time to conclude. At first I had a thought of just finishing off but then this thought that if I’ve read so much told me that maybe I should leave with my 2 cents, on the things I experienced and read throughout this process. My journey has had two main conclusions. First is this whole confusion with reality and second is the perception of truth. Sounds too vague and I know. 

So here it goes

When I started all this I thought that I could grab your attention and tell you stories to make it worthwhile. Educate you and entertain you. Well I failed, because I’ve been chasing deadlines, watching videos on how to grow organically, writing blogs on websites and stuck with sounds to use in the background. Sometimes the work isn’t even finished but it’s still published. I REALISE I can do much more than continue with this. Well a few years in life and dont we all forget? I’ve realised we go through a lot just to stand our ground everyday and come back to finish what we want to achieve throughout the day. So in a bigger picture it seemed the same. What am I doing on this planet and why am I here, if there is no reason then I need some made up ones to comfort me. In this episode the lies of perceived reality and reflections of truth to conclude the history of religion.  


Why do we play the part of a loser and refrain from seeking what we can gain?

Why is thinking of the future more important than mourning the losses of the past?

Before us, this world of yours looked very different 

We were limited to what we could see, we worshipped trees and stones, then how could anyone believe in an unseen GOD? 

It was after all us who did your work, yet perceived wrong and our beliefs just flawed. Lets question why we don’t question. 

Images move, sounds distract and certain lights capture our attention. Things can and should be different to how they are right now. Imagine things that changed our life, the invention of a camera capturing hundreds of images in two primary colors and we had the power to transport moments to show others what happened some thousands miles away. It was only black and white and to be honest no one cared. Then came in color, sound, vibration,  35mm tapes and now virtual reality. It captured us and took us to places we never even knew. crying , laughing , feeling emotions just by staring at a paper. But we are minimizing our capability to capture a story from just one of our senses and taking advantage of all. Of Course this leaves me at a disadvantage since I’m only a sound.  But I’ve convinced you otherwise. I made you believe someone opened the door and I’m probably in a room, well guess what that’s a lie and right now I’m in a church recording this podcast. Gimme a sec and you’ll  feel it 

Sitting next to me is Claire and we are still having a bit of chat here. Let’s start with Us, who are we in reality and time an illusion? 


Claire….. Ending with how the buddhist believes in waking up as setting free. 

So I lied to you first when I said someone entered the room, of course not when I mentioned a handsome gentleman behind this mic. And second is church. Of Course you weren’t convinced at all the second time because now you realise that’s not the truth and I’m playing with a bit of editing. So I realised burdening only one sense to gather information could be misleading, of course if only you could see me right now you’ll just disregard this whole thing.  But then what makes us think that these holy books, legends, stories that have been carried on for centuries and GOD only knows how much they have been changed, what makes some of us believe in it to be always true? We haven’t seen or heard anything yet, we believe. There are a few elements attached that validate these words more than mine. Some of us believe it to be the truth as it’s the word sent by GOD of course she is looking after it from the heavens.  So it comes down to what I believe in to be true and real. Real, reality, what does it mean?  

You know when I’m faced with these existential questions I like to walk to the beach and sit somewhere close to the water. Sitting on a bench the other day I saw the sky. Blue in color but then I wondered was the sky really blue? Is that sun really yellow or is it just the reflection that I see which all means that it’s an illusion, Of Course i google it and turn out that the sky is not actually blue, The shorter blue and violet wavelengths get scattered most by the air, making the sky around us appear blue. Amazing isn’t it Lost in a blur now I was distracted by a fly  and I wondered if it could perceive colours like me, or if it could see my shape like I do, will it ever appreciate my curves? No is the answer. It’s mostly attracted to UV lights. You know, what we call everyday reality it’s just a projection of consciousness. There are no colors or sounds or smells or textures. It’s all a quantum soup, energy just flowing and information that we can’t just completely process. 


So what’s blue in my reality is not actually blue for a fly. And guess what we both are right. 

So its reality is different to mine. Well I shouldn’t really go out comparing humans to flies to differentiate how we perceive reality differently. What I see as reality sitting on a bench. Looking at people might not really be reality for someone else. Imagine this: I’m sitting on the bench looking at the road not using my phone. Time for me is measured more precisely then for the car speeding at 100km/h. Have you ever been in an accident, the very moment of the crash to the impact you capture every second of it, imagine time for someone laying in an isolated room with only the sound of beep around him, looking at someone they love as they witness their beloved running out of breath until finally they die. Is time the same for everyone?  The illusion of reality and the two hands on clock often play up with me. 


History has been a narration of dressed up dudes waging war against other dudes that will eventually be written down by some dude 50 years later. Is that the reason I call upon GOD as him and not her? Are they the reason I actually even reach out for a GOD. So I conclude my reality is an illusion. Of the things that I have perceived in a manner that I’ve been taught to in my time. Of Course almost 8 billion people will come up with 8 freakin billion of different equations of their reality. And thus I can say that religion is yet another object perceived by everyone in their own reality, not really wrong from me but different. So I continued with that. I made an episode the first one to see what religion is, for some its faith, hope some have used it to govern, some have survived because of it and some have lost a lot because of it. So would it be safe for me to say that everyone was right ? 

I believe that these are stories for morality to keep me organised and give me hope. The same hope that the doctor gives to his patients, doesn’t necessarily mean that he is leaving things for someone supreme to take over and the patient even doesn’t stop taking medications but they both need something to hold on to faith. Hope that things get worse. I am looked after, we all need that. And Faith is a privilege 

 So we move to our final phase conclusion of perceived truth.of the stories that we have heard of. Since being real is very different from existing, I’ve learned that there are more religions than I initially mentioned. Religion of love, religion of ignorance and religion of fear. So the only meaning in life is now to find its meaning, and so Claire believes it’s through meditation and achieving nirvana lastly what is nirvana and how do i know i’m on the right path. 



So to conclude in my journey i’m still standing exactly where i started and i’m still without answers. 

Life for me is literally meaningless but ask an artist who sits with a palette and white canvas he observes this illusion creates meaning out of an il maybe thats why  We have art so that we shall not die of reality. 


Well the second part if not mine to answer but your. The truth is yours to conclude, not anyone else actually but yours. Does your truth harm anyone? Will your truth ask you to murder anyone who does not believe in your exact definition of truth. If we take all the stories to be literally true in their own context then GOD herself has not been able to convince everyone, She is still beefing up with science and has more enemies than prolly some famous US politician. Do you think your perceived truth will ever be an answer for anyone else? It’s your imagination, your own fire extinguisher and if it helps you calm down, wake up a better person then before and see yourself grow without ever harming anyone then it is your religion. And that’s all I’ve learned. We have 8 billion religions in this world and none of them are right but surprisingly all 8 billion of them aren’t wrong either. 

This was the final episode from the season history of religions. I hope you have some takeaways and I hope that I entertained you and gave you something to learn. If that is true then I ask you to share it with at least one of your friends. I would like to thank Claire once again for her time. I’ve learned a lot from her and if you’d like to know her more, all the links are in the show notes including her podcast.  It’s time we move forward together. In the show notes is a survey for everyone to tell me what would you like to hear next, how you would want me to improve on things. Lastly, it doesn’t matter for me if counting days is wrong, maybe it’s the 3rd or 4th jan. I hope you enjoyed the show today. Till we meet again this is your host karim trying to explore the past in an entertaining manner and thus questioning our very foundations only at history encoded. 

History of Religions

Is religion an illusion? This episode we talked about the mystery of religion and the hoax of everything. Join the fun on the podcast on your favourite player. 

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