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History of Religion

Season 2 Episode 1

Have you ever wondered what religion does to a person. Makes them believe in more supernatural things then in any movie combined and takes you places you cant even describe.

History of everything. This time we are exploring the history of religion the past that’s still present. looking for GOD and understanding if She exists.  We have Dr Constant mews in history corner and a very special religion to preach.

Season 2 Episode 1 

Because no ones going to live forever I think we could all overstay our welcome. Welcome back to history encoded season 2. 

This is the display of the inquiries of karim, so that things done by man may not be forgotten in time, and that great and marvelous deeds, some presented by fantasy, some by the barbarians, may not lose their glory, including among others what was the cause of their waging war on each other. And that we shall reflect on it unlike ever before but why season two? I’m glad you asked. Im changing my direction to a new topic and i wondered what could be a thing from the past that would be still present. At first I thought world war was impactful, then probably the history of cars, nice shift right. I’ve been wandering around the streets trying to grab some inspiration. How about the history of mankind, oh GOD gimme something and then (by share coincidence) i realised GOD and the history of religion. Something that has been here since day one why didn’t it ever occur to me, religion has a past and dayum it’s still present. 


History of religion is a driving force that controls my mind, the art and the theory behind humans. I don’t really know much about GOD but I’m very interested in her.


 So let’s begin.  Season 2 episode 1.




Here I am wondering what religion is. We all have faith in something that keeps us alive. But faith in the supreme being, someone so strong and powerful yet not seen by anyone makes me wonder if it is false hope. Was this whole phenomenon of religion created or sent to us? If it was indeed revealed upon humans then when was it introduced? Living with gods and forging lives around elaborate rituals and practices is widespread, only until recently we started understanding human beings in scientific terms. Originally our fellow apes used combing of fur technique to ease stress between individuals but as we progressed into society with more emotions and stress we needed something more soothing than that. Guilt, dreams, fear, striving for betterment of course we needed more than picking nits off our back and something less time consuming too. For all these need growing questions without answers and no set of moral rules something was waiting to be unpacked but did we invent it or GODs revealed it to us. 

Have you ever faced agony to the point only prayers could help? This makes me wonder if I need religion as a coping mechanism.  Originally The world became multidimensional and acceptable to spirits. But there was something else. Achieving ecstasy has an adaptive byproduct my fellow bong lover would know that. Synchronized activity in groups leads to releases of endorphins. This eases tension, like aspirin eases pain, and so they amplify prosocial behaviour.  In short, the birth of religiosity allowed human groups to grow. Secondly, as knowledge of the world grew we started uncovering paintings and idols left by our ancestors. Religion became a universal feature of human life because it was integral to the wellbeing of human individuals and society. And then these practices and rituals are a bit like a glue that holds together other religious elements, which are present to varying degrees. 


I was born a muslim raised as a pracrtising muslim, i was told to ask from GOD and turn to him when i faced difficulties when i didnt get what i wanted i was told it was for my betterment only, at every turn i was justifying GODS move and pleasing myself so lets flip the pages  and ask few questions. As usual I started looking at other religions to understand for how they were any different and their values, see if they could answer my questions, and oh boy what did i find.      The 2001 UK census found that Jediism, the fictional faith observed by the good guys in Star Wars, was the fourth largest religion: nearly 400,000 people had been inspired to claim it, initially by a tongue-in-cheek online campaign. Okay Ten years later, it had dropped to seventh place, cause many dismissed it as a prank. But on a serious note, that is still an awful lot of people – and this lasted a lot longer than most viral campaigns endure, mostly because it wasn’t as bad as my knock knock jokes. 

Since I am no expert in religion, I got some help. We are calling Dr Constant Mews professor at Monash University who’s an authority on medieval religious thoughts.  Ring ring ……

Hello Dr Mews, pleased to have you at  the show.



Okay first things first so..  

Do you believe in the Jedi system?


Surprisingly there are still quite a lot of followers here in Australia as of 2011 there were still 65000.


Q1) Makes us wonder what actually qualifies for a religion. Lets see what our guest believes in.


  1. Q) beautifully put  and so what would be the oldest belief or religion that we can track back to.


  1. Q) Since we have faced so much difficulties tracking back to these religions why and how did some outlast others. Like hinduism, clearly something must have been different that its still alive and widely practised compared to the aborignal spirits. What did they do right? 



Basically some religions outlast others as they had some sort of story attached to them. Like hinduism and chirtianity we can conclude that powerful emperors over time and their beliefs in a particular religion provided the strength religion needed to outlast, if muslims wouldn’t have started conquering lands and pushed as far as from europe to far east asia they might have not been here. Crazy how political movements or otherwise opposition propaganda regenerates a belief. Maybe someone should go out protesting against jedism or maybe some political leaders need to convert to it and make its a states official religion then my friend we are in lightsaber business. Also I’ve got mine already. Just so you know. 

Q)Okay I do understand some religions outlast others but what about the lifespan of this planet? For Some Adam and Eve were the first people to land on earth after they ate the forbidden apple. If it’s true then it’s some 150,000 years old but the earth is 4.5 billion years old right?    

  1. Q) Right but if I’m just dismissing all these stories, what about the holy books? They’ve been subject to changes and science just keeps competing with them to a point where now it’s really difficult for these old texts to keep up, with this pace that we are on and answers to  everything that was illogical at first will religions have to say goodbye as Science now makes it almost impossible for any intelligent person to believe in the Bible as literally true. Now that we have got more facts in at one point maybe if science could answer things like afterlife what do you think will happen to these religious books. 


Yes so often we would see religion as a motivating factor, for example templars to go on a crusade and pope being the supreme authority to guide them but ofcourse we dont see that anymore and arguably its still present in many forms for example in the modern term for Radical islam but they cant hold or control things now as they did maybe because of more rational thinking and maybe due to influence and widespread acceptance of scientific understandnings. 



So basically to keep up with the world …… religions have to adapt and move on with the knowledge coming in. They have to imply its essence to GOD rather than just dismiss the findings and still try to exist as they did hundred years ago, that’s the best possible way to survive. 


In short, widening our perspective,   Religion is A GOVERNMENT SYSTEM a system for morality a system to differentiate between right and wrong to keep the flow as peaceful as it could be without religion we might not have motivation,  


   firstly motivation for betterment,. Motivation to survive the element of hope gives answers that satisfy us and we need it. For our wellbeing as a daily driver.  This religious motivation has driven templars to go on a crusade, muslims to conquer everything they saw, it motivates a person to live rightfully cause karma ensures he will get treated the same way, above all this provides hope to millions fighting traumas and it gives us peace when we think of our loved ones who aren’t with us anymore are still in a better place. 


Q)Do you think it would be necessary to invent GOD if he never existed.   


It’s tempting to laugh at the Catholic Church but the church is trying to hold on to something rather beautiful that has served humankind well; the idea of our cosmic significance; the idea that we matter; that someone out there cares. Galileo’s theories are like the very painful end of the childhood-of-mankind.** Their discoveries that we are but a tiny forgotten meaningless blue dot in the randomness of space, it’s like we are really  unimportant in the scheme of things. A new existential terror will echo down the ages from these scientific discoveries we are still dealing with.But is it really terror or reality. 

Looking for meaning , a good point to conclude today. We look into history and think of how it has impacted the world we live in. Many times or actually daily I fail to look at my own past and reflect on how it impacts my life today.  Religion is arguably the most impactful factor I have to not just unlearn things but be open to accept the new knowledge. That’s how I’ll be a better man than I was yesterday.


Sometimes I do sit and wonder if it all counts, if it ever mattered to be looking out for a supreme power, I’m okay with what I have believed in but then this simple question bugs me. It asks me if I always lived a lie will someone meet me on the other side.


A proud father drops his son to his first day of school. Four months later the father would stab to death the little boy he adored during a phcycotic phase thinking he was devil. The mother wouldnt blame her husband but his mental ilness.  


Coming back to my point, will there be someone up there that will sit and listen to me while I run it by him, how I have lived like a fool and I knew no better.

Lets decode todays episode 

what category do you belong to?

What stories did you inherit and where do you put science and logic in your faith?


 I Would like to know what you think. I understand it’s easier said than done.but I’ll leave with a quote The fact that life has no meaning is a reason to live –moreover, the only one.

This new season will look into a few religions and their stories, so that we can conclude if the essence was the same or not. But that’s not all and we have just begun.  You can either join the facebook group or leave a message through the website. You can leave your questions about any religion or just let me know your perspective on things. Unlike Galileo I believe you are more then just a blue dot, you are all you need to be. A HUMAN. Deep and powerful enough to bring and end an evolution. If this was good enough to motivate you then keep rating and keep sharing cause only can make a difference. Thank you for listening I hope you enjoyed the show today this is your host karim and until next time May the force be with you.

Our special guest for this episode is Dr. Constant Mews. He is Professor of Medieval Thought and Director, Centre for Studies in Religion and Theology, Monash University, Melbourne. He is an authority on medieval religious thought, especially on the medieval philosopher and theologian, Peter Abelard, and on interfaith dialogue

Dr. constant mews


hello ill write something here to blog as soon as I have time 
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Most frequent questions

According to dictionary, Religion is belief in a god or gods and the activities that are connected with this belief, such as praying or worshipping in a building such as a church or temple. Whereas, we try to figure out if it more than that. Religion could also be termed as a government system, a system for hope and motivation and a drive of adrenaline more morphed then any other. 

  • Christianity (31.2%)
  • Islam (24.1%)
  • Irreligion (16%)
  • Hinduism (15.1%)

Well done, you have followed me to the end. truth is relative and religion is up in the clouds the answer if you do not wish to find it yourself, will be answered in the last episode of the season. 

Thanks for sticking around. 

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